Our company has got a huge experience in decisions of our Clients’ business situations for the last 5 years.

         Our practice supposed decisions for such situations:

  • Support of outside and cameral tax inspections for all taxes, also for a value-added tax, income tax, united tax for a simplified system of taxation, united tax for an imputed income.
  • Decision of tax disputes, also for “one day companies”, “business subdivision”, salary payment “in envelopes”
  • Value-added tax compensation pretrial and in a court
  • Restoration of business and tax accounting for the companies
  • Full support of the business accounting, creation of reports and tax planning
  • Creation of the optimal structure in a group of companies or holding of companies with simultaneous lowering of the tax loading
  • Tax risks audit during business buying, changes of a office accountant or a manager


         Areas of activities of our Clients:

  • Agriculture
  • Manufacture
  • Construction
  • Different services: medicine, beauty salons, educational services
  • Wholesale trading, including export/import
  • Retailing