Support of the circuit tax inspection of the wholesale company in the united taxation

A new Client came to our office right after getting a request about documents.

On that moment there was no office accountant, business accounting was making with mistakes, reports were not conformed to data of the business accounting.

Preliminary calculation of tax recharges after founded mistakes could be around 2.2 million rubles.  

Our specialists leisurely analyzed the situation, took an extension of delivering documents for one month. The decision about business and tax accounting restoration was made. Because of that, adjusted tax declarations were given before documents delivering to the tax inspection. Cooperation with tax inspectors was made by our company. The manager was absolutely taken away from communication with inspectors.

Documents were delivered strictly in law – made of an inventory and in a limited size.

All information was delivered through representatives of “ARNICON”.

Result:   Client’s tax recharging – the value-added tax, income tax and fees sums for three years of inspections – were 132 thousand rubles, money turnover of the company for these three years was around 100 million rubles. The manager of the company escaped the criminal liability.