Client’s protection during tax recharging after tax inspection to the sum of 31 million rubles

Tax inspection after results of the tax inspection forced the company, which was making gas works in the Kursk region, to pay taxes and penalties to the sum of 31 million rubles.

The main complaint of tax inspectors was a creation of interdependent companies and getting of the baseless tax profit. Companies were created by the same founders, situated at the same address, directors of companies at the same time were founders, employees worked in both organizations. One company rented territories to another, but the second one made different services to first one in turn.

Our specialists made work for explanation of business breaking up scheme and acceptance of it as a reasonable for a pretrial order and also for a court when there is no positive tax practice.

We analyzed current documents of a Client, explained the purpose of creation of two companies, showed necessary documents, prepared explanations and reasoning for tax companies and for a court.

Result: Tax inspection’s decision about unreasonable tax profit was recognized by courts of three instances. Dispute was decided in favor of our Client. All sum of recharges (31 million rubles) was recognized illegal. Our client did not lose any ruble. The head of the company was not responsible to a criminal liable.

Decision of courts of three instances You can find here.